London to Paris (12 days)

London to Paris (12 days)


  • June 7-18, 2024


  • $4,390 USD or $6,800 AUD (single supplement $940 USD or $1,460 AUD)*

Level of difficulty

  • Moderate

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Embark with us on an extraordinary 12-day road cycling expedition that seamlessly weaves history, natural beauty, and cultural immersion, commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day, taking you from the bustling streets of London to the enchanting avenues of Paris. This meticulously crafted journey traces a captivating path through iconic landmarks, serene countryside, and poignant wartime history, leaving you with memories that linger for a lifetime.

Your adventure begins in London, where the royal splendor of Buckingham Palace sets the tone for the exploration ahead. Pedal your way through picturesque villages, absorbing the tranquility of the English countryside, before reaching the historic marvel of Stonehenge and the charming city of Salisbury.

Once you arrive in Portsmouth, a ferry ride ushers you across the English Channel to St. Malo, a walled gem on the Brittany coast. From here, your route unfolds through captivating towns, leading you to the breathtaking Mont St. Michel and the poignant beaches of Utah and Omaha.

The journey continues, revealing the spiritual aura of Lisieux and the medieval allure of Rouen. Each village and town paints a vivid canvas of history, culture, and stunning landscapes that blend harmoniously as you pedal onwards. Concluding in Paris, the City of Light's iconic landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Louvre, greet you with a triumphant finale.

What's Included

  • 11 nights llodging in selected hotels, B&Bs and pensions.
  • Breakfasts every morning and 6 group dinners.
  • Van support with snack stops along the route; luggage transport.
  • Excursion/entry fees to the Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge and Mont Saint-Michel.
  • Visit of the Utah and Omaha Beaches.
  • Optional cheese and wine tasting in Rouen.
  • Overnight ferry from Portsmouth, England, to Saint Malo, France.
  • Option for extended stay in London and Paris.


Day 1, London – Check-in and Sightseeing on your own

After you check-in (for those who are just arriving), we will have two bike fitting session scheduled in the afternoon. We will later regroup at the reception area and walked together to a nearby restaurant for our welcome dinner and orientation meeting.


Day 2, London to Heckfield/Basingstoke (72 km / 45 miles)

After breakfast, we embark on our road cycling adventure, leaving the splendor of London, heading for the tranquil charm of Heckfield. As we pedal away from the iconic city, we'll pass through a diverse tapestry of landscapes.

Leaving the urban buzz behind, we'll wind through London's historic streets, cross the Thames, and journey southward. The route transitions into the verdant Surrey countryside, with its rolling hills and lush greenery. We’ll cycle through picturesque towns like Reigate and Horley, as well as quaint villages eventually arriving in Heckfield, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Hampshire countryside.


Day 3, Heckfield to Salisbury and Stonehenge (87 km, 54 miles)

Our route today unveils the stunning beauty of the English countryside. Leaving Heckfield's tranquility behind, we'll pedal through picturesque Hampshire villages, where thatched-roof cottages and charming lanes paint an idyllic scene.

As we cycle onward, the landscape evolves, revealing undulating hills and expansive meadows of Wiltshire. We’ll pass through some historic villages, where quaint shops and cozy cafes offer delightful breaks.

Approaching Salisbury, we’ll observe the iconic spire of the Salisbury Cathedral piercing the sky.

After arrival, you can roam through the city's ancient streets and visit its famous cathedral, a masterpiece of medieval architecture.

In the afternoon, we will also visit the must-see prehistoric monument, the burial site on Salisbury Plain, the Stonehenge.

Day 4, Salisbury to Portsmouth (75 km, 47 miles)

Today’s stage will carry us from the historic beauty of Salisbury to the coastal charm of Portsmouth. Departing from Salisbury's iconic cathedral, our journey unfolds through the tranquil landscapes of Hampshire. Pedaling along winding roads, we'll pass through quaint villages like Stockbridge, where traditional cottages nestle amidst the lush countryside. As we approach the coast, the scent of the sea will beckon us onward.

Our route takes us through picturesque some towns, where maritime heritage meets modern liveliness. Portsmouth emerges in the distance, a bustling harbor city steeped in history, with its lively streets and popular landmarks, like the historic dockyard and the Spinnaker Tower.


After arrival to Portsmouth, you can explore this vibrant city some more on your foot, time permitting. In the late afternoon, we will board an overnight ferry, which will take us to Saint Malo, a small town on the French side of the English Channel. Since it takes about 10 hours to cross the Channel here, we will spend tonight on the boat.

Day 5, Saint Malo to Saint-Michel (48 km, 30 miles)

When we get off the boat in the morning, we’ll be in France, and we embark on a relatively short, but captivating stage from the enchanting port town of Saint-Malo to the iconic Mont Saint-Michel. Our journey begins in Saint-Malo, where the historic city walls and charming cobbled streets offer a glimpse into the past.

Leaving Saint-Malo behind, we'll pedal through the picturesque landscapes of Brittany, passing through quaint villages with traditional stone houses and rolling fields. The scent of the sea accompanies you as you approach the stunning bay of Mont Saint-Michel. As we near your destination, the silhouette of Mont Saint-Michel emerges on the horizon, a marvel of medieval architecture rising from the tidal flats.

Our stage today is a captivating blend of history and natural beauty. From Saint-Malo's maritime charm to the awe-inspiring Mont Saint-Michel…


Day 6, Day off in Saint-Michel

The hotel we are staying at is situated about 6 miles from the coast and from the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. Apart from relaxing and exploring the beautiful coastal area, the main activity today is a visit of the iconic site. We will do so after breakfast. You have two options of how to get there. You can either leisurely ride your bike there (and back), or you can just jump into our van if you don’t want to see your bicycle at all toady .

Day 7, Saint-Michell to Saint-Lô (90 km, 56 miles)

Our stage today is a delightful blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue. From the unforgettable Mont Saint-Michel to the captivating town of Saint-Lô, each mile we pedal offers a deeper connection to the charm and heritage of Normandy's landscapes.

Departing from the enchanting island abbey, our journey takes us through the picturesque landscapes of Normandy. As we pedal away from Mont Saint-Michel, we'll cycle through charming countryside, passing by quaint villages adorned with traditional stone architecture. The road winds its way through rolling hills and lush fields, offering panoramic views of the pastoral scenery.

Approaching Saint-Lô, the historic town comes into view with its quaint streets and historic buildings. Saint-Lô is known for its resilience during World War II, and remnants of its history are visible throughout the town.


Day 8, Saint-Lô to Utah Beach and Omaha Beach (94 km, 58 miles),

After breakfast, we cycle from Saint-Lô to the historic beaches of Utah and Omaha. Starting in Saint-Lô, a town that endured World War II's hardships, our journey takes you through the heart of Normandy's historic landscapes.

We'll pass through rolling fields and picturesque villages, each steeped in the region's rich history. As we approach Utah Beach, we'll feel the weight of its significance as a D-Day landing site, marked by memorials and a somber atmosphere.

After visiting Utah Beach, we’ll go back a little and continue along the coast. The road will eventually lead us to Omaha Beach, where another chapter of history unfolds. The vast stretch of sandy shores and the poignant American Cemetery serve as a tribute to the sacrifices made during the war.

Overnight, we will stay is a hotel not far from Omaha Beach.

Day 9, Omaha Beach to Lisieux (93 km, 58 miles)

Starting from the historic Omaha Beach, we head to the charming town of Lisieux toady. Starting at the hallowed shores of Omaha Beach, our journey takes us, once again, through the picturesque landscapes of Normandy, where history and beauty intertwine.

We'll pedal through the peaceful countryside, passing by quaint villages and rolling fields. As we traverse this serene landscape, we'll be reminded of the bravery and sacrifices made on these shores during World War II.

Continuing on, the road will lead us to Lisieux, a town known for its religious history and cultural richness. it is considered the second most important pilgrimage site in France. The imposing Lisieux Cathedral and the Basilica of Saint Thérèse stand as testaments to the town's spiritual significance.


Day 10, Lisieux to Rouen (85 km, 53 miles)

Today’s stage is a symphony of past and present, where the tales of bygone eras merge with the vibrant life of the present. From Lisieux's religious heritage to Rouen's bustling streets, each mile travelled embodies the essence of Normandy's charm.

Leaving Lisieux's spiritual ambiance, we'll cycle through the charming countryside, passing through picturesque villages adorned with timbered houses and blooming gardens. As we progress onward, the landscapes transition, revealing the serene beauty of the Seine River valley.

Pedaling along the undulating roads, we'll catch glimpses of ancient abbeys and medieval churches, testaments to the region's cultural heritage. The scent of apple orchards and the lush greenery envelop us as we approach the heart of Normandy.

Rouen emerges on the horizon with its imposing Rouen Cathedral and the iconic Gros Horloge (14th century astronomical clock). The cobbled streets of the city center beckon, inviting us to explore its history-laden lanes.

Day 11, Rouen to Paris (103 km, 64 miles)

Our last day of cycling takes us from the historic city of Rouen to the iconic heart of France, Paris. This journey will take us through a diverse tapestry of landscapes and landmarks that define the essence of Northern France.

Leaving Rouen's cobbled streets and Gothic architecture, we'll pedal through the tranquil Seine River valley. Quaint villages, rolling fields, and charming bridges dot the route as we follow the river's gentle meander.

Cycling onward, we'll see apple orchards and dairy farms, creating a serene backdrop. The landscapes shift as we approach the bustling outskirts of Paris, revealing the vibrant energy of the metropolis. That is where we get off our bikes and take a shuttle to our hotel in the Paris city center.

In the evening, we will meet for a goodbye dinner in a nice restaurant near our hotel.

Day 12, Paris

Our trip is officially over after breakfast. However, do certainly recommend you stay a few more days to sightsee and experience arguably the most beautiful capital city in the world. The city will also host the XXXIII Summer Olympics in July and August 2024.

Trip Difficulty

For full enjoyment of the trip, you should come prepared to complete the 70-95 km / 45–60-mile days comfortably on rolling to moderately hilly terrain.

We try to design our route along bike paths, small, quiet, and picturesque roads with as little car traffic as possible. For the most part road surfaces will be of very good or good quality.


London is serviced by several airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton). The easiest way to get to your hotel is usually by a cab, however, there are trains and buses you can use as well. It really depends on the airport you’ll be arriving to.

The airport you’ll be flying out of Paris from will most probably be the Charles de Gaulle Airport. You can get there by taxi, which will set you back by about 80 Euros. Alternatively, you can get there by train. The train ride to the airport from the city center takes approximately half an hour and will cost you about 11 Euro.

Bike Rental

If you wish to rent a bike from us, we have the following fully serviced, light, quality, road/fitness bikes available:

  • Fuji Absolute 2, 3, and 4, flat handlebars
  • Fuji Newest 1 and 2, drop handlebars
  • Fuji Roubaix 1.3, drop handlebars

Your rental bike comes with a rear luggage rack, bungie cord, extra tube and levers, water bottle cage, pump, lock, and odometer. The price for renting a bike for this tour is $200 for Fuji Absolute or $270 for Fuji Newest or Fuji Roubaix.

* Our expenses are mostly payable in Euros. Because of the constant fluctuations in currency rates, we reserve the right to increase the trip price. The trip price may increase depending on the currency exchange rate of the Euro to the USD and/or AUD at the moment of your final payment. The trip price shall increase if the USD/Euro exchange rate exceeds 1.15 and/or AUD/Euro exchange rate exceeds 1.70.

** We reserve the right to change the itinerary without notice especially, but not only, for safety reasons

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